Announcement of arrival (only for students)

This form allows students from anywhere to pre-enter the data of the announcement of arrival in Lausanne.

The collected data will allow the Service du contrôle des habitants (CH) to send you a mail indicating the list of documents you need to bring to our office later on. This will reduce processing time of your file and the waiting time in our office.

NB: Please fill out one form per person, when the request is for several people of one family or living together.


Service du contrôle des habitants

Rue du Port-Franc 18
Case postale 5354
1002 Lausanne

Tél. +41 21 315 31 33


tl 18: Port-Franc; tl: Chauderon
m1: Vigie; m2 Lausanne-Flon
LEB: Chauderon